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From the inventor of the NoStep OnSite and collect, peal and read technology comes the DrugSmartCup. The DrugSmartCup has been on the market continually for more than 8 years under different names. It has been one of the most sought after products and technology. We have maintained the best independent research and have made many improvements to the original cup technology. Our cup and technology has been published in prestigious journals (Journal of Analytical Toxicology 4/04) and endorsed by toxicology societies (Society of Forensic Toxicology SOFT).

We currently produce the medical grade plastic in Shanghai, China and use FDA cleared membranes produced and assembled in the United States with manufacturing plants in California. We currently make 3 panels through 10 panel drug tests. Some with Adulterations strips built in so that the donor cannot adulterate the test.

In a recent independent study the DrugSmartCup provided 100% correlation at 25% and 50% above and below cutoff.

Advantages to the DrugSmartCup:

  1. The cup won't crack nor break
  2. Can be frozen at the lab for future testing
  3. The Insert cannot be removed
  4. The new lid will hold to 15 psi
  5. Expanded adulteration testing up to six adulterations
  6. Internet training program with testing to certification

The DrugSmartCup can be purchased through authorized distributors. Please contact us for an authorized distributor:

Email: btydings@drugsmartcup.com
Office: (949) 273-3665
Cell: (858) 220-0984

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